What is it like to be from the Baby Boomer Generation?  

The most common definition of a Baby Boomer is someone considered to be born between 1946-1964, during the Post War baby boom. There are others that say it is the babies born between 1943-1960. Whatever your definition is, we know there are 70 million of us out there now. According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), a baby boomer turns 50 every 7.5 seconds.

I'm a Baby Boomer, born in 1950.  My parents lived in a time that a man went to work for a company and retired from the same company and women stayed home and raised the kids.   We Baby Boomers, lived in a different time.  A time of change, a time where a man might work for several different companys during his career.  A time when many women returned to the work force, as two incomes were necessary to survive.  That's not to say many women didn't stayed home and work the full time job raising the kids.

Baby Boomers reached their adults years from the mid 60's to the mid 80's.  Most Baby Boomers now range in age from their late 40's to their late 60's.  Many call us the Active Aging Generation.  They have also said Baby Boomers never really retire, we just find new things to do. 

The average Baby Boomer male has had 3-4 different careers and will be employed by 3-4 different companies.  For me, I had 3 different careers and worked for 5 different companies.  My wife, of 38 years, stayed home and raised our two boys.  This was a full time career also;  she coached sports, volunteered at school, and found a way to successfully raise two wonderful men. 

Whatever your Baby Boomer Generation circumstances are, we all are in the same situation now, we are aging, but still very active. The purpose of this website, is to give you information to help you navigate this time in your life. We hope to supply you with tools to help you deal with this period of your life, including articles and links. We also want this website to be interactive,  Articles by Baby Boomers allows you to share your own life experiences, suggestions and advice. We hope you will enjoy our Website.